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Stream(er) thoughts

A small insight on how I see my live stream

What’s that in the sky?

UFO’s, Unidentified Flying Objects. Aliens? Secret military projects? Natural unexplained phenomena? I don’t know, no one knows. Or do they? Does the government know more and are they just keeping us in the dark? Who would know right? They’re scared that people will start to panic and think the world is gonna end when proof of alien life comes forward. So they do anything to cover up unexplained cases like UFO sightings or other weird stuff.


Hold that thought, what thought? Shit, it slipped my mind.. Happens sometimes, ah fuck it. On to the next. I thought about becoming an archaeologist, wanting to excavate ancient Roman buildings and pottery and weapons etc. Maybe I should apply at a company that does excavations of this nature. Or maybe I should start a study ? Archaeology? Or maybe graphic designer? I know my way around photoshop and would love to learn more on video editing! Or something to do with taking care of mentally/physically disabled people? There’s so many things to do, but I have no idea what it is that I should do. What should I become? What can I do to find out? How do I know?