A Fresh Start


Hi again,

It’s been a while.. I haven’t been actively writing at all the past few months. I didn’t feel like writing and it even completely vanished from my mind. But when I opened my laptop today, I felt the urge to write something to my blog again. So yeah. Here’s a small update about me.

As most of you know, my back injury forced me to stay home and cash cheques from the Dutch government each month, as I was unfit to work. That time has passed. Since January I started working at Reinaerde, an institution for the less fortunate in this world: people with disabilities. Reinaerde has a lot of places where people with disabilities can live and work. I myself, work at a home for people with disabilities and help them with day to day life. From putting on their socks to cooking their dinner. It’s pretty intense work, but oh man it’s fun!

I have no experience whatsoever when it comes to working with people with disabilities. I have worked with people before, as a personal trainer, but this line of work is completely new to me. So, Reinaerde gave me the opportunity to start a study, and I took it. I go to school every Monday and Wednesday, learning more and more about disabilities every week. It’s all very interesting and I am very grateful for this opportunity! The only downside that I’m struggling with, is that I have been in social health care for the past 2 years. Because of this, I am not used to being so busy as I am now. Social health care made me super lazy and even more introverted than I already was. Nonetheless, I do my best in school and at work and I am sure that I will get more used to my busy life very soon.

I left my old life behind and made a fresh start. From personal training to caring for people with disabilities is quite the switch. But that’s not all, I also made sacrifices that I was forced to make. No more rugby, no more intense workouts and most importantly; no more being bored by not doing nothing all day long due to social health care.

Something else that I just wanna share with everyone, is that Aninda and I are still together and are still going strong. Our anniversary is getting closer and closer, the only thing that sucks is that we won’t be together for it. She will be in Indonesia and I will be in the Netherlands. Modern day technology does make this situation easier tho, when not physically together we text and use video call to stay connected. But yeah, it’s just not the same as being physically together. Luckily for me, I’m quite busy nowadays which causes plenty of distraction. I remember from when I didn’t do anything all day due to social health care, I felt super lonely and got bored like crazy! Being far apart from the one you love does not help with that at all. So the distraction I get from work and study is very much appreciated.

All right, that’s it for now. I will try to write to my blog more often again, about anything that occupies my mind. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you at the next blog post!

– Bandit Out 🙂

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