Rambling thoughts

I had some stuff wandering around in my mind and just wanted to let it out. This post is the result of a late night writing session on my phone.


Our planet is sick and we have to cure it. Global warming, climate change, earthquakes, extreme storms, and other crazy natural phenomena are all signs that our planet is struggling. Why do we keep doing the things we do as humankind? Our planet is suffering and we keep making it worse. Do big oil companies have governments in their pockets and is that why they are allowed to keep digging for oil and produce tons of new single-use plastic in the process? Why can’t we as humankind just face the fact that we F’d up and that we have to fix this right now or else it will be too late? The fact that they are talking about money issues to solve these problems only shows that they don’t value life over everything. Life is and should be much more valuable than money ever will be. But still, they say it will cost too much money to completely switch to green energy and to ban fossil fueled vehicles and that its a process that takes years to be complete, but what does money matter when the fate of humankind is at stake? Does money still matter in the future that our kind faces? All life is equal, that means our planet should be equal to us too. Or better even, our planet should be the most important thing on every single list. Without this planet, we have nowhere to live. There are no other habitable planets nearby and flying to Mars will take several years and that planet is completely dead. It’s one big wasteland of nothingness. To make Mars habitable, we would have to terraform it. Bring the planet back to life by heating it up with co2 emissions (something we humans are good at). But that process obviously is not going to be short. Who knows how many years that can take. So we don’t really have another place to call home, we have planet earth and that’s all we got. We have to start making huge changes now and otherwise witness the consequences of the destruction of our beloved planet as we know it.

The modern world that we live in is beautiful but scary at the same time. With artificial intelligence getting ‘smarter’ by day and all the pollution that is going on, we might end up in a real-life science fiction movie with toxic clouds floating through the skies and killer robots roaming the planet in search for humans to exterminate. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and it’s many gadgets. But I do think it’s scary that there are already ‘robot dogs’ that can actually hunt down, kill and capture a person. With artificial intelligence getting more advanced, such robot dogs will get more advanced too. Meaning that they will get better at everything they can do, from moving around to capturing and killing people. They might even learn how to analyze and adapt to a situation, walking around on the streets functioning as ‘police dogs’ and making decisions by itself. Artificial intelligence that thinks and can make decisions on its own, that’s what scares me the most. But it’s the direction our technology has gone in to. Surveillance drones that fly around by themselves and robot dogs that patrol the streets, is that really what we want? It only takes one crazy person to hack into the servers, plant a virus and have the robots go on a crazy manhunt. There are already self-driving cars and there’s been a couple of lethal accidents already, this only shows how dangerous it is when computers start to ‘think’ for themselves.

Sorry peeps, I’m just rambling away here. Letting my mind do some talking. Oh wait, I have one more thing I want to address before I’m done. How is it possible that tobacco is still being sold in stores? Its the most addictive drug in the world and it’s legal everywhere! Why? Because tobacco companies and governments earn a lot of money from tobacco sales and they care more about money than they do about health. People get sick from smoking, they even die from smoking. It’s a fact, making huge tobacco companies killers in my eyes. They know cigarettes are the cause of many illnesses, but they keep producing them and it’s still allowed to sell them. Why is a product so dangerous allowed to be sold in supermarkets and even book stores? That’s something I will never understand. I smoked a lot of cigarettes too, but if I wasn’t able to buy them because it wasn’t legal and therefore not available, I probably never would have really smoked. I really hope they start thinking about the people and stop thinking about money, cigarettes kill people and it should be made illegal to sell or smoke cigarettes if you ask me.

I had some stuff wandering around in my mind and just wanted to let it out. This post is the result of a late night writing session on my phone.

– Bandit out 🤠

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