‘I walk the Hoogland road’

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Jalan Hoogland, Hooglandweg, Hooglandroad.


Alright, I said in an earlier post that I would write to my travelblog while in Indonesia. But for now I’ll keep writing to my personal blog. Maybe I’ll start writing to the travel blog if our instagram profile, Eurasianblog, gets more followers or when we actually start traveling the world!

So I am now currently staying with Aninda’s family in Lembang. This is a small ‘village’ in Bandung, in the middle of the mountains. From the balcony of the house that I stay in, I can see Tangkuban Perahu: the volcano that took a lot of life’s before 1926. A lot of people wanted to do research on the volcano, but there was no road leading to the top. To reach the top people had to climb through rough uncharted terrain, which eventually lead to many people’s deaths because they were exposed to toxic gas for too long..

View from the balcony, that’s Tangkuban Perahu in the distance.

In 1924, three European students (aged 16 and 17) climbed to the top of the volcano to do research on a birds nest. They did this expedition without a guide, leading to their deaths. Their deaths were the reason they thought it was time for change.

In 1926 it was my great-great-grandfather who founded the organization ‘Bandoeng Vooruit’. With this organization they started building a road that leads all the way to the top of Tangkuban Perahu. A road built for cars, so people could go up and down the volcano safely. My great-great-grandfather, together with his first born son (my great-grandfather) helped building the road personally. In 1928 they finished the road and the first test drive was on september 8th of that year. They decided to name this road ‘Hooglandweg’, after my great-great-grandfather. Later they changed the name to ‘Jalan Hoogland’. Nowadays it’s called ‘Jalan Tangkuban Perahu’.

My great-grandfather, Jacob Willem Hermanus Teunis Hoogland.

90 years have passed since they finished the road. Nowadays the road is used for many tourists to reach the top safely, and today I was one of those tourists. It felt pretty magical, driving and walking on a road that my family built. On top of Tangkuban Perahu they put a memorial stone for my great-great-grandfather, but unfortunately they took the sign with his name off for unknown reasons.

Me and my wife (to be) at the memorial stone for Willem Hermanus Hoogland.

Standing on top of Tangkuban Perahu is pretty impressive, it’s an active volcano and you can see smoke come out of the crater. If you are ever in or near Bandung, you should definitely pay a visit to the top.

Haha such a tourist. Behind me you see the active Tangkuban Perahu volcano.

I’m having a great time in Indonesia and if you want to see more of my ‘adventure’, you should drop a follow on my instagram pages: Flipmemax / Eurasianblog

– Bandit Out 🤠

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  1. * Super * Story and I know Lembang very well as my boy friend Cor Schalk’s father had one very nice Hotel, with swimming pull.. all my friends and my self went there very often..that was in 1952 (I was 14jrs ) We passed our time around this swimming pull and made many walks around to waterfalls, where we also swam quite dangerous our Parents did not know anything about our danger… What a nice life we had at that âge. Many pictures taken but I do not know how to show some on this SITE… now I live in Paris already since 60 years…

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