Ready for take-off?

So yeah. I admit, I’m not a fan of flying… nervous like crazy, a thirteen hour direct flight to Jakarta… My life and the life’s of many others in the hands of 2 pilots. Pilots are people just like you and me, and people are known to make mistakes.. It won’t be the first time a pilot makes a mistake and crashes the plane..

That’s what goes through my mind just before the flight.. But then again, they are trained to fly the plane and they (mostly) successfully get to the destination safe and sound.

I’m not just nervous though.. I’m super excited too! I’m meeting up with the woman of my dreams in Jakarta and with that a new phase of my (our) life’s will start. This will be the first adventure of many that I will experience with her by my side. Thinking about this slightly takes my nerves away, or it could be the 1L beer that I just drank… haha.

Boarding starts now! So yeah, Bandit out.

I will be writing to my travelblog while in Indonesia, Eurasianblog


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