A week from now

Hey! Great news everyone! A week from now I will be in Indonesia. I fly from Amsterdam directly to Jakarta on May 5th.

Just a few days ago I wrote to my blog about my great-great-grandfather, and now I’m flying there myself! Almost can’t believe it, but it’s happening. I’m going to the place he helped build to see everything with my own eyes.

Small fun fact: he got married to an Indonesian woman and hopped on the boat to Indonesia with her. I fell in love with an Indonesian woman and now I’m flying there! She is actually the main reason that I have decided to hop on the plane. I have never traveled the world for a woman before, this is going to be the first time. Come to think of it, I’ve only been on vacation with a woman (other than my mom) once in my life.

I have always wanted to go to Indonesia because of my family history, but I never went.. Now the first time that I go there will be out of love and to see what the ‘Empire’ my great-great-granddad built looks like. Double excitement! Oh and even more excited, because I haven’t been on vacation for about….. 5 years?? lol.

Once I’m there, me and Anynda will start writing to our ‘Travel Blog’. Or maybe I’ll start writing just before I hop on the plane in Amsterdam. So if you want to follow our adventure, just head over to ‘Eurasian’ and sign up by email or hit follow!

– Bandit out 🙂


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