How (I try) to stay sane

Aren’t you bored of doing nothing? What do you do all day? How do you cope with your current situation? – These are some of the questions people ask me on a daily basis. So with this ‘5 step tutorial-blogpost’, I will teach you ‘how to stay sane’ while being bored out of your brain. 

1. Enjoy the small things in life.

Easier said than done, but a very important one. Especially if you’re forced to stay home and can’t work because of whatever reason. Go for a long walk around the park, take your dog to the moor, visit your grandma once in a while and have a chat with your neighbors or something. Basically this goes for everything you do, try to stay positive in negative times. Don’t let your life be overrun with negativity, stay strong and enjoy the small things.

2. Hobbies, have one or find a new one!

Easy enough right? If you have a hobby that you can easily do at home, just do it! Try to stay busy, keep your mind active and don’t think of your shit situation too much. Don’t have a hobby that you can do at home? Well… You’ll have to find one. Try out new things! There’s so much you can do. Take me for example, I started a ‘videogame livestream’ and also a ‘personal blog’. Playing videogames has always been a hobby of mine, streaming that is just an extension to an already existing hobby. I’ve always liked writing. I don’t understand why I started my blog in 2018, should have done this way earlier in my life already! Because of work and sports I never thought of it really, and now I have re-invented my love for writing due to my current situation.

3. Stay active.

If you can, do sports or go for a walk. Something to keep your body moving. Humans aren’t made for sitting/laying down the whole day. We are built to walk long distances. If it’s physically just not possible to do sports or go for a walk, times can and will get rough. I’ve been through this phase myself, and seriously, it sucks. But for me, this phase was just temporarily, with that in mind I pushed through the mental rough times. Now I can finally do a bit more physically. I have been going for walks combined with super short runs now and it feels great.

4. Keep developing yourself.

For me, this one is of utmost importance. I have so much time on my hands, why not use it to my benefit right? As should you! If you’re forced to stay at home for a long period of time, like me, because of an injury and you don’t see yourself going back to the job you had before this injury. You really have to find something new to do when you are ready to go back to work. I myself just recently started with a home study, Journalism, because I don’t see myself working as a Personal Trainer anymore. Four reasons why this is so important:

  1. You have something to do.
  2. You’ll learn new stuff, which always a plus.
  3. You might need different work because off… well… shit..
  4. It shows dedication. When life knocks you down, you find a way to get back up.

5. Don’t become a victim.

With this I mean; Don’t become a victim of your own negativity. Like I said before: you have to stay strong. Don’t go moaning about your shitty life constantly, don’t think of it too much. Life sucks sometimes, it really does, we get it. For some people it sucks more than for others. And you will get in conversations with people that are too blind too see how much you are struggling with your current situation. Ignore those people, don’t let them get into your head. Want to get something off your chest? Talk to someone you are close with, don’t expect everyone to be there for you when shit hits the fan. The best tip I can give you is to ‘just stay positive’, most shit situations are temporarily anyway.

Well that does it. This is my guide on ‘How (I try) to stay sane’, I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe it even helps you push through hard times a little! Don’t forget to spread the love and stay positive!

– Bandit out 🙂





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