The sun is shining bright and I can feel my skin being touched by it’s warmth. It feels great, but also makes me think.

Warmer and warmer each year. Our planet is warming up and is slowly dying. Just today I read an article about ‘The Great Barrier Reef’. It said we have 100 years to stop global warming before the reef completely dies and disappears. The current rate on which our planet is warming up on, is deadly to coral. Normally coral can adapt to warmer or colder temperatures, but not if it changes as fast as it does now. Coral turns white and dies if it can’t adapt, they call this ‘bleeching’. Sad right? Especially when you realize coral isn’t even a plant, but a living animal!

But wait! It’s not just sad for the coral, it’s sad for all oceanic life.. Fish call coral their home, coral is the place where life in the sea thrives most. What happens if all the coral in the world would die, because we humans keep polluting the planet? Fish will lose their homes, a lot of fish would get extinct and a lot of humans would lose their jobs because of it. Wanna bet, that we only start changing our polluting ways once it’s too late?

Wouldn’t our planet be so much better if there were no borders, no different religions, no race related issues, no countries that wage war upon each other and we could all just live together as one species? Our whole world united under one flag: Earth ?! Only then we could stop our world from being destroyed and make changes to keep our planet from warming up too much. There’s too many differences, and that’s one of the biggest problems on this planet.


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