It starts

Today was a good day. Got a new phone, study, got a haircut. Changes come in all shapes and sizes. The biggest change, obviously, is the switch from doing absolutely nothing, to starting a study.

I was so used to iOS, have had too many iPhones and now grew sick of them. Time for change. Samsung S9 Plus, is the phone I chose. The android operating system is new to me, never had an android before. So it’ll take some time to fully understand the phone, but I’ll get there. I’m already writing to my blog from this phone, so that’s a start, I guess.

I got my Journalism study materials today too. Never had I thought, that I would be excited to start a study. But I am. I’ll have to get used to this more than my new phone. I will start the study tomorrow, and I’m going to commit at least 5 days a week until I pass my exam. This exam can be done whenever I am ready for it. This could be in 6 months, or 12, it doesn’t matter. I can plan my own schedule, which is great of course. But with great freedom comes great responsibility. A home study is a huge commitment one can take. And I’m doing it.


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