Dear Monday


Monday, the start of a new week. For most people anyway. They drain their energy during the week, and then recharge over the weekend. They have active social life’s and use the weekend to socialize with all their friends. Most people are so busy during the week, that their weekend time has become ‘holy time’. They put as many social activities in one weekend as they can, to catch up with all of their friends. Making the weekend another chaotic period, leaving little room for ‘recovery’ for the week that lies ahead.

I woke up early again, earlier than most people that have to start work today. Nine out of ten times I can’t get back to sleep when I wake up. Wide awake. Today no different. I get out of bed, grab some coffee and I start writing. I almost finished writing ‘Day 244’, the sequel to ‘The Blast’. But as I am writing this story, I think of the weekend that lies behind me. Saturday morning I wrote to my blog, and in the afternoon I had a few beers with some friends. We talked, we laughed and we drank beer. Had a lot of fun. Got home way drunk and later than I had planned. But that’s alright, I don’t go out much, so it was totally worth it. The next day, Sunday, bit of a rough day due to a hangover. My mom texted me in the morning, asking me if I wanted to watch our dog at their house, they had to leave and my brother wasn’t home either. She told me that there was plenty of food in the fridge, so I had no problem going over to their house. The weather was awesome on Sunday too, which led to me chilling in my parents backyard. Trying to get somewhat of a tan. I’m white as fuck, I glow in the dark. I need every little bit of sunlight that I can get. I took Brutus (our dog) to the forest for a walk, he has gotten deaf due to age, he literally can’t hear a thing anymore. But he really seemed to enjoy being out in the forest, even tho he can’t hear anything around him. I was even able to take him off the leash, he followed me around and did not leave me out of his sight once. When I got back to my parents house I made myself some burgers for dinner and watched some Netflix (La Casa de Papel) – awesome show. Later that night, at home, I continued reading the book ‘Wakker!’ by Peter Gordijn. He used to be a Apache helicopter pilot for the Dutch Air-force. But his life got turned upside down, just like mine, and also because of a hernia. His book really touches me and I can relate to so many things that he writes about. He wanted to put to good use all the free time that he now suddenly had. He started to self reflect and search for what he really wanted in life, he made changes, huge changes. Changes that only occurred because he was forced to, just like what’s happening to me.

On Friday I signed myself up for the LOI Journalism home study. I selected april 10th as starting date, that’s tomorrow. But I haven’t heard anything from LOI yet, hopefully I hear something today. I’d like to start the study as soon as possible, so that I can finally start turning my life around. Anyway, I look outside my window, and all I see is grey sky. As if it’s orchestrated this way or something, over the weekend we had great weather and the sun was out doing a wonderful job keeping us warm. But now, Monday has come, and even the planet seems to be struck by the ‘Monday Blues’.

I’m out, peace 🙂 Enjoy your week folks!


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