’24/7 Weekend!’

Weekend! It’s Saturday morning, 07:13 AM, and I’m already wide awake. I often get asked questions like: ‘why are you already awake? You don’t have work, you have no schedule, why don’t you sleep in?’. The situation that I’m in with my back, keeps me from doing activities. I sit at home a lot, go for occasional walks and obviously don’t use much energy throughout the day. So basically, the fact that I barely do stuff is the reason that I sleep so little. With 5 hours of sleep, my body and mind can recover just enough for the day that lies ahead.

It wasn’t always like this. I loved sleeping in. I used to live a very active life. I started playing Rugby when I was 5. I started with Judo, from around the same age, until I had my brown belt at 15. Played a fair amount of Tennis and Golf, and I used to hit the gym every day. I often struggle with the fact that I can’t do any sports, because it’s been such an important factor throughout my life.

I love sports, for multiple reasons. It’s a great way to relief stress, it’s good for your health, it gives you daily routines, and you probably set a few goals that you’d like to achieve. But it doesn’t stop there. Sports are also a great way to socialize with others, especially if it’s a team sport like Rugby. Being part of a sports team can teach you how to respect others, how to show commitment and how to work together as a team. These are great qualities to have and can, obviously, be used in life for more than just sports.

I loved sports so much, that eventually I became a personal trainer. It’s hard work and you need a lot of dedication to keep doing it. Giving training to people, day in day out, can be really exhausting. Not just physically, mentally also. But, you have to make a living with what you love to do most, right? Lucky me, I love sports, so working as a personal trainer seemed like a dream come true. Unfortunately, this dream collapsed pretty quickly.

A series of unfortunate events led to where I am today, and now I try to stay strong and hold my head up high. But sometimes it’s a bitch, to be forced to stop doing the things you love. I never chose for this to happen, I never wanted this. ‘Why me?’ I don’t know, but it happened, and now I have to deal with it. People sometimes tell me as a joke ‘Oh nice, you’ve got weekend 24/7’.. Right… ‘Nice’……… It gets boring and lonely as fuck!!!!

Now that I have a lot of time on my hands, I have a lot of time to think. It doesn’t matter about what, as long as it keeps my mind busy, I’m happy. I also have a lot of time to self reflect, which eventually led to me starting this blog. Writing this blog keeps me busy, it gives me something to do, and it gives me even more to think about. It also made me realize that I can easily write, love doing it, and can express myself this way pretty well. This led to me signing up for a Journalism study that I start next week! So yeah, it’s true what they say. “To every disadvantage there is a corresponding advantage”.

– Bandit out 🙂



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