Beautifully sad

I live in Hilversum, a small city in the Netherlands. Close to my house there’s a moor, I used to go there with my grandma when I was young. And now I still go there from time to time. I go there on walks, to think, to ‘get some fresh air’, to enjoy nature and, of course, because my back needs a little bit of exercise. With my back injury I can barely do any sports. I can’t even go for a run, which I’d much rather do. So walking will have to do, for now.

Since my surgery I havent walked as far as yesterday. I used to go for runs at the moor. From 5km till 10km and any distance in between. Nowadays I just walk until I can feel my body say that I have to go back. If I walk too much, or too fast even, the nerve pain gets worse. My back is slowly getting better, and I can walk a bit further every single day, but I still have a long way to go. The last few days I’ve had a little bit more pain again, but I’m sure it’s still improving. Before the surgery I was in pain 24/7. Now it comes and goes.

I put my phone on ‘flight-mode’ and disconnected myself from the outside world. I was ‘off-grid’ for a while. Do you ever do that? If not, you should! Just put your phone on flight-mode and enjoy the relaxing silence. 

I love nature, always have and always will. That’s why I don’t mind going on a walk there. The moor behind my house looks really pretty, at first sight. If you look closer, you see signs of pollution all around. There’s plastic wrappers in the grass, empty cans, paper and whatever else you can think off. People just drop everything on the ground. It’s sad really, I picked up a few pieces of plastic and 3 empty cans. Walked with them forever. I was walking on a super long trail that runs straight through the moor, looking for a trash-bin. But couldn’t find any. So I put the trash in my backpack and eventually threw it away in my own trash-bin at home.

Further down the trail I encountered an older man, he was walking his dog. I told him about the trash I picked up, and asked him if there where any trash-bins around. The answer was ‘no’. There used to be trash-bins, but they got destroyed by people. They don’t bother putting down new ones anymore, because of vandalism. That’s just great, now everyone just dumps their trash on the ground like the moor is one big dumpster.. We end up having a short conversation about the moor, about how it used to be. He told me that there was no fence, a lot less pollution and in “1970” they were able to just freely walk onto the moor. They built a fence around the moor, so now there’s certain areas that we are not allowed to go. Animals that are not native to this area now live there. The moor used to be bigger, but as the city expands, the moor gets smaller. How long before this moor is completely gone?

Yesterday the moor gave me mixed feelings. Sad due to the fact that this moor is being badly polluted, and happy due to the fact that there’s still a little bit of ‘beautiful’ nature close to home.



‘Beautifully sad’, right? 

– Bandit out 🙂


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