My life has changed, no doubt. From being active with sports every single day, to not being able to do any form of sport at all. I even made sport my job. I used to work as a personal trainer, giving physical training all day, everyday. I used to play rugby, which made me go to the gym often. Daily routines that I can’t do anymore. I can do sports again in time, but never on the same level as what it used to be and no rugby. And with my current situation I don’t see myself going back to the same line of work either. It’s time for (more) change.

Yesterday, a month ago, I uploaded my first ever blogpost. 04/04/2018, I reached 1000 views on my blog! 1000 views within the first month, thanks for the support! ❤ I’m not sure if this is much in blog terms or not, but I’m happy with it. Everyone, including myself, seems to be enjoying my blog and I’ve decided that it’s time for me to begin a new phase in my life. I’m going to start a home study from LOI, Journalism. With this study, I hope to improve my writing skills and learn new things, obviously. But most important, in our modern world, is the fact that a study is not only a great way to improve yourself and learn more, it is also a great networking tool! Home study or not, I’ll meet people that have connections in the ‘writing world’.

It’s still a weird feeling though, to be forced to change your life. But it’s necessary in order to stay healthy. I always struggle with change, but it helps that I’m going to start with Journalism. I love writing and can easily express myself this way. I can express myself better in writing than in conversation.

It’s time to stop sitting around and start changing my life.

– Bandit out 🙂


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