It’s Saturday night and that means ‘fun time’ for a lot of people. People work hard all week long to spend their hard earned money in the pub or club. They post pictures of themselves with their friends on their social media accounts to show the world how amazing their life is. Life in the modern western world is great, right? No one has to worry about their safety and can do/say whatever he or she likes. Every one is used to the comfort our modern western world has to offer. 

A comfortable and safe life doesn’t speak for itself everywhere unfortunately. The world has been divided in countries and they speak different languages everywhere you go. There’s language barriers between every single country in this world. And that’s a shame. Aren’t we all from the same species ‘Homo Sapiens’ ? Anyway, there’s always one language that everyone speaks and that’s ‘money.’

Money rules the world, our whole world is based on money. Countries with less money, are less comfortable. It’s sad to think that people in Africa are dying of hunger while in Europe a soccer club pays a £199.80m transfer fee for one single player…… Right… The world isn’t fair.. It’s the privilege of being born in the Western World, but why should there be a difference? Why is the world such a divided place? Why can’t we just all live together in peace as one species instead of trying to impress each other with the size of our ‘Nuclear Button?’ We are all the same but not equal and that’s a shame.

We humans have become a destructive species, as a species we destroy everything we touch. The planet that we live on is almost at it’s last breath, but no one really seems to care. They are too busy waging war and trying to gain more wealth. Huge companies that earn a lot of money over the backs of others and don’t give a shit about the environment. We are polluting the world extremely bad, and are trying to solve it with local and small scale projects. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work if the pollution just keeps on going. But not only do we destroy our planet, we also destroy each other.  Countries that are at war with each other because of different religious beliefs or because one country wants to expand their territory and starts to invade another country. We humans destroy everything we touch, including our own kind.

World peace does seem far fetched, but that’s mostly because there’s so many differences between countries. Religious differences, cultural differences, different languages and so on. Everyone just seems to forget that we are all of the same kind, ‘Homo Sapiens.’ Simpler times would be better for the existence of our species and for our planet. But as long as there’s economy we will continue to destroy our planet. And as long as there’s too many differences amongst our species, we will keep destroying our own kind and will never live in peace and harmony.

– Bandit out 🙂


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  1. It does seem insane, doesn’t it? I think there are a lot of people who shake their heads and wonder what the heck is going on with our species. My guess is that the planet will go on and adapt and survive even if we wipe ourselves out. To me, that’s a comforting thought. 🙂

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