Tech savvy

Modern day technology has been completely embedded in to machines that we use on a daily basis. Everyone nowadays at least has a mobile phone, but there’s a lot more machines that are embed with our technology when you take a look around the house. Home computers, laptops, tablets, tv’s, dryers, washing machines, lights and even vacuum cleaners that vacuum clean the house by itself.

So from everyone always carrying a ‘smart phone’ to all the ‘home devices’ that everyone owns. We have been completely taken over by ‘electronic technology’. It doesn’t stop there though. When you leave the house you see it all around you too. And there’s companies that keep developing new devices and other cool stuff that we can use on a daily basis. We humans have now become highly reliable on all the electronics our world has to offer.

There’s companies building robots that can do every little chore around the house, great right? Or companies that create artificial limbs that they can connect directly to the bone, muscle tissue and nerve system….. They can make an amputee feel again with a new robotic arm… Like… Cyborgs much??!! Scientists are even working on an artificial eye which makes it possible for the blind to see again!!

In my eyes all these new technologies are super cool, but scary at the same time. With robots that can ‘think’ for themselves and even drones that can fly themselves around, a doomsday scenario from the movie ‘Terminator’ does seem to become a possibility. Especially when you think of the robot dogs that can run 45km/h, search and destroy humans, built and used for military purposes..

There’s not enough people owning personal robots yet, but this might be a thing in the near future. So what if everyone owns a personal robot in the near future, just like everyone now owns at least a mobile phone. In that future a ‘Terminator’ like scenario could be seriously a thing. What if one day these self thinking robots start to riot and eliminate all humans on earth. What if that happens? Will it ever happen? I’ll just not buy a robot haha.

– Bandit out 🙂

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  1. nowadays there are people who walk around with burns because their phones or even chargers explode.

    nobody expects that to happen. let alone what can happen to all the other electronics. not to mention robots and even electric cars.

    definitely something to think about!

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