Patiently waiting for better days


I will be fine, eventually. I’ve been struggling with a severe lower back injury that started roughly 2 years ago. All I can do now, is just wait and sit around and hope for better days. I’ve had 2 surgeries and am still recovering from the second surgery (you can read about that here: 1st blog). I have a long road ahead and patience is what I need, but hardly have..

When I want something, chances are that I want it right away.. I really don’t like waiting for things. My whole back situation makes it hard for me to go out and do fun stuff, cause I’m pretty limited in what I can physically do and for how long I can do it. Let’s take walking for example. I go for daily walks, this is good for my back and it’s basically the only physical activity that I can do at the moment. I can’t do sports, which for me is a hell. I’ve been active with sports for as long as I can remember and it really sucks when all of a sudden you can’t even go for a walk longer than 30minutes.. Basically all I can do at the moment is chores in my apartment (cleaning the mess I make and washing my clothes) and go for short walks outside. But even small chores are a pain in the ass most of the time. Vacuum cleaning and doing my dishes both increase the nerve pain in my right leg. Hell I sometimes even struggle to carry my fresh washed clothes from the washing machine to my ‘walk-in-closet’, because it’s too much for my back…

So yeah I just gotta wait and sit this one out, take it easy and don’t do much. Take a step back when my nerve pain increases and listen to my body real carefully. If I go out and do too much it will backfire and make things worse. This forces me to stay home all day and watch Netflix, stuck to my couch. Even playing videogames is a struggle due to nerve pain that highly increases when I sit for too long. I can barely sit, the nerve pain in my right leg increases within 15minutes. After 15minutes, if I was to stay seated, the nerve pain gets so intense that it wont go away for the rest of the day. I hope the nerve pain in my right leg decreases soon and that everything will get better eventually. It’s been 1.5 month since my surgery so changes should come soon now.

Patiently waiting for better days

– Bandit out 🙂


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