Me against the world

As a kid I was not that good at making new friends and still aren’t the best. Never had a lot of friends and still don’t have a lot of them either. I can count my friends on one hand. Is this a bad thing? No, I don’t think so. It just means that the select group of people who I see as my friends are ‘loyal friends’. I don’t see them too often, but when we’re together it’s like we see each other every day. 

For those who don’t know; there’s two types of people. Introverts and Extroverts. Or at least.. Everybody has signs of both, so actually we are ‘ambiverts’ right? Not completely true. We can lean towards introversion or extraversion more. I’m clearly more introverted than extroverted while my brother, Sam, is clearly way more extroverted. He’s outgoing, always talking, highly social, has a ton of friends and is always busy with everything lol. I however am super calm, more of a listener, a bit socially awkward at times, don’t have a lot of friends and don’t mind having nothing to do for a day.

So what do we know about Extroverts? They Recharge by being social, enjoy group conversations, have more friends but the bonds are less strong, speak more, easily accept change, get distracted easily, are more open, open up to anyone, make decisions quickly, love getting attention, are fine working in open spaces, speak up in meetings.

And what do we know about introverts? They recharge by spending time alone, enjoy one-on-one conversations, have closer relationships with a few friends, listen more, struggle with change, deep focus for a long time, are more reserved, open up to a few people, reflect before making decisions, don’t care about attention, like working in quiet spaces, share ideas when prompted.

Just so everybody knows: there’s nothing wrong with being introverted and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re shy or anti-social! However, modern day society is really based upon the lifestyle of extroverts, from schools to workplaces, often leaving introverts undervalued or misunderstood. Group work, speaking up in class and speaking in front of the class are things that don’t really come natural to someone that is introverted, for an extrovert it does. So it already starts at school, but doesn’t end there. Work and job interviews do the same, they base their needs on extroverts. It starts with the words they choose in job advertisements ‘upbeat, people person and team players’ and continues at work itself with group meetings, group brainstorming and busy environments to work in..

If you’ve read my first blog, you know my back is fucked up right? I’m kinda stuck to the couch. Lucky me I’m more of an introvert right? I recharge by being alone. But there’s always a point that it’s too much. Every human has social needs, whether this being a great social event or a one on one talk with someone. So from time to time you need people around you, even as an introvert.

I used to live my life to the fullest, try to get the most out of every situation. Worked as a Personal Trainer, was about to start my own franchise with the company I worked for in Amsterdam, I played Rugby in the biggest league here in NL at Rugby Club Hilversum. I was always busy with sports. My life has taken a huge twist, the things that I used to love to do, are no longer a priority. It feels weird and it’s hard to have to turn your life around. Especially when you keep in mind that introverts struggle with change. But I keep my head up and keep going forward. As I said in my first blog; my time will come. I have a lot of free time to figure out what I want to do in life and how I want to live my life. I enjoy writing a lot, maybe I should just try and become a writer? I know introverts are great writers because of their creative minds.

This post is not ment to be educational or whatever (none of my posts are that). This is just a small insight on my thoughts upon the world. As how I see the world (kinda), not even sure whether I’m done writing or not. So this post might get an update later, or not!

Thanks again for reading everyone, hope ya’ll have a great day! Oh and don’t forget to leave a comment, like and share ! xD

– Bandit out 🙂


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