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A small insight on how I see my live stream

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A small insight on how I see my live stream

The live stream i do started off as ‘just for fun’. But nowadays it’s become more of an addiction to be honest. I find it boring to play videogames off stream, it has become like a drug. I ‘need’ to stream when I play videogames. This is mostly because of the interaction with the viewers in my live chat. People are able to watch me play and they can talk to me in the live chat, makes gaming a highly social experience even when you’re playing a single player game! As an introvert streaming is mentally exhausting and super fun at the same time. I can socialize with others without physically being in the same room with the people I socialize with. You would think that this is all easy, but it’s quite the opposite. Live streaming can be very mentally exhausting due to the interaction with the viewers in the live chat. As a streamer you’re constantly talking with people about all sorts of things. Random subjects, but also personal stuff that people tell you. Some of it’s true, some is not. We call them ‘trolls’. Regular viewers always have my back when a troll enters the live chat and starts ranting about whatever.. Regular viewers are people that watch the stream a lot (obviously), but it takes some time to get them. As a streamer, you’re not just getting ‘viewers’, you’re actually building a ‘community’. A community that you can have a lot of fun with in general.

There’s this app called ‘Discord’, it’s a great way to expand your community beyond the twitch stream. Discord is my go-to communication app when it comes to the live stream when I’m offline. It’s a great way to keep in contact with my community off stream, you can send private messages to each other, call each other, videochat with each other, there’s public chat rooms etc. It’s a great app. If you’re interested in joining my discord community than just hit this link: Discord

It’s a rough time for my live stream at the moment though. People seem to hit the ‘unfollow’ button often, I keep losing followers. Probably due to inactivity at the moment. The nerve pain gets too intense when I sit too long because of my back injury. So yeah streaming is not my main priority at the moment, unfortunately this clearly leads to people unfollowing my stream channel. It’s sad how that works really. But it’s alright, I just keep my head up and keep going. No one can keep me from growing on Twitch when I stream more often again 🙂

I’ve been talking a lot about the fact that people unfollow me on Twitch because I’m not playing a certain game or because I can’t stream at the moment due to my back. But I must not forget my loyal regular viewers that watch my stream no matter what! To all of you people that are always in my stream, Big Thanks ❤ The support and love from you guys is real and is highly appreciated. The support and love from my regular viewers is my motivation to keep going with the stream. I wanna deliver a fun and entertaining stream for everyone that watches and try to be as interactive as i can with everyone in the chat.

Ok moving on again. Trolls. Mentioned them above already, trolls are everywhere. Another fun name to call a troll is ‘Keyboard Warrior’. They also enter the stream chat from time to time and start harassing me and everyone in the chat. There was this one guy, he was nuts. Threatening me and my viewers, trying to scare us by tracking down our I.P. addresses. He even got to my discord server at one point, he pretended to be someone else because I previously banned him. And then started screaming and going crazy towards me and my viewers. If you’re reading this and were watching my live stream at that time; I’m talking about ‘Daniel the Troll’. So yeah, you can try not to pay attention to trolls and ignore them. Or you can swing the ban hammer. Most trolls keep coming back with different account names after they get banned tho. There’s no stopping them from following your channel with a great amount of ‘fake followers’. It’s annoying, but nothing you can do to stop it. This also is a reason for the unfollowers I’m experiencing, Twitch deletes inactive/old/fake profiles and they get rid of ‘bots’ too.

A year ago is when it started, the 17th of January was the day of my first live stream. My stream has gone through a lot of development since the start. I gained a lot of experience as a streamer and now have a better view on how to run my stream ‘professionally’. I have played a lot of different games on stream, from Overwatch to PUBG, but I always keep coming back to World of Warcraft. One of my all time favorite games and an amazing game to stream! I started off with only one PC-screen and my stream chat opened on my iPad beside me. Nowadays I rock with two screens, a primary screen for the game and a secondary screen for the stream chat, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), music and more. Also I was able to get a better webcam and a green screen to make the stream look even better! I’ve put a lot of time and effort in the live stream, maybe that’s also the reason that I think it’s sad I have more unfollowers than followers at the moment due to my back. But I also do recognize the support from my loyal regulars as I stated before and will certainly not lose them out of sight.

Anyway, I enjoy live streaming. So I will continue doing it, even when I have a job when my back is recovered enough to work. It’s easy to combine work with a live stream. You can stream whenever you want at any given moment, so after work and on off days is an obvious option. Streaming is not always that easy and can really have it’s ups and downs. We’ll see how it goes, only one way to go from here and that’s forward.

Big thanks for reading! Don’t forget to hit follow when you like what you read 🙂

And ofcourse don’t be shy, come say ‘hi’ during one of my live streams on Twitch!

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