What’s that in the sky?

UFO’s, Unidentified Flying Objects. Aliens? Secret military projects? Natural unexplained phenomena? I don’t know, no one knows. Or do they? Does the government know more and are they just keeping us in the dark? Who would know right? They’re scared that people will start to panic and think the world is gonna end when proof of alien life comes forward. So they do anything to cover up unexplained cases like UFO sightings or other weird stuff.

Did you know that they have found living bacteria on the outside hull of the ISS (International Space Station), bacteria that weren’t present during the launch of the ISS.. Isn’t that proof? Bacteria that can live and survive in the extreme conditions of outer space. Oh and the most exciting part is that they have no idea where the bacteria came from? We’ll find out when they know more, maybe or maybe not.

Anyway.. Back to what I wanted to write about, my own UFO sightings. I had 2 sightings. The first time was in 2012, so it’s been a while. Me and my classmate, Tjarco, were at internship. The internship was located at a remote industrial terrain, there was only one road with buildings on both sides. A traintrack runs behind the building on the opposing side from where we at. So we are standing outside around 05:00PM, it was light outside. Bright daylight, the sun was shining. All of a sudden a big black triangular shaped craft flies over the buildings on the other side, way above the traintracks, following them. It didn’t make any sound and it was big, too big to be a drone of any kind. And it didn’t make any sound so it couldn’t have been a plane or whatever. Even tho it was flying ‘way above the traintracks’, it was still not as high as a plane would fly. So it was rather close to the ground compared to the height of a plane and it didn’t make any sound, but did travel with tremendous speed. Till this day I still have no idea what this ‘black triangular shaped soundless fast flying machine’ was. I know one thing tho: it didn’t look like any kind of aircraft that I know and didn’t make any sound, so in my eyes this was and still is a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). It could’ve very well been a military project that they were testing out? But I don’t think they would fly a ‘secret’ so close to civilians if they were actually just military projects being tested. And this also could not have been a ‘natural phenomena’, the craft definitely looked like it was made by ‘beings’ (humans/aliens i dunno).

The second time happened not long after the first time actually. It was late at night and I had just been out in the city, drinking with friends. Had a couple of beers and had some fun I guess. I don’t remember the night very well. The only thing I remember from that night is coming home. I used to live at my parents place back then. So i drove my bicycle through our alley towards the backyard. Opened the gate and walked in to the backyard with my bike. As I wanted to put my bike on it’s standard, 5 basketball sized orange orbs came flying over my head. They kinda ‘swooshed’ over and took off just as fast as they came. I wasn’t even that drunk, just slightly tipsy. So I know for a fact that it could not have been the alcohol, and no I wasn’t on some crazy hallucinating drug trip that night. Except for the slight alcoholic buzz I felt completely ‘with it’. I know what I saw. Or wel.. I don’t know actually.. I mean.. What were they? 5 Orange basketball sized orbs, any one else ever seen these? Was this a strange ‘natural phenomena’ ? Or was this an encounter with extraterrestrials? I have no idea.

Did you know that our galaxy alone is made up of 200 billion stars, and every single star corresponds to a solar system that may be home to intelligent life if the conditions are right. So yeah there you have it.. Isn’t that awesome?

I know for a fact that I’m not the only one that has seen unexplainable objects in the skies. There’s even ex NASA astronauts that are claiming to have had encounters with UFO’s while being in outer space. I think it’s time to shine some light upon this matter and teach the world everything there’s to know about outer space and it’s inhabitants. We should not be kept in the dark. Full disclosure on this matter would be great. But hey, keep on dreaming right? ;p

For the last part of this blog you’re gonna need this little bit of info: Under certain conditions and at certain speeds, a rapidly spinning flying object becomes invisible to the human eye at close range. A radar would still be able to spot the object, unless it breaks that speed limit too.

I’m gonna end this blog post with the ‘Adventure of colonel Jack Krine’. Colonel Jack Krine chased a UFO in a Mirage III C fighter plane in northern France about 40 years ago. He was unable to level with it, because it disappeared at an extraordinary speed as he approached it. But was it really gone? Or was it very close to the Mirage, spinning ultra-fast so that visual persistence made it invisible? Colonel Krine described the event as a cat-and-mouse game: one moment he saw the object, the next it was gone.

– Bandit out 🙂





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