Fictional Short Story ‘The Pact’

‘The Pact’

My hands are shaking, I’ve never done this before. It’s all new to me, but it feels great. The adrenaline it gives and the euphoria are super intense, it’s crazy. But I like it, love it even. Me and my friend have made a pact, a pact so gruesome it would make the dead want to die again. It’s us against the world.

I’ve taken a life before, but that was different. That were animals. It all started when I was younger, I don’t know why, it just happened. I remember the first time it happened very well. It was early in the morning, morning dew still on the grass. The birds just started chirping and the morning sun had just begun to warm up the earth. I was walking towards school when a cat ran across the street, towards the playground across the street from my house. I chased it, the cat went in to the sandbox for it’s ‘morning poop’ and calmly sat down in the sandbox doing it’s business. I got close enough to the cat to grab it, so that’s what i did. I also grabbed the poop the cat just left and stuffed that down its throat. Then i grabbed the cat by its tail and smacked it’s head against the side of the wooden sandbox. I didn’t stop either, kept smacking the beast with it’s head against the side. The gushing sound it made was enchanting and it gave a satisfying feeling. Euphoric even. After the first time it happened on a regular basis, and no animal was safe. Cats, dogs, chickens, birds, frogs, rats. Even killed butterflies, I’d crush them like you would crush a fly or a mosquito. I’ve killed so many animals, I’ve lost count. But I do remember most kills. They never leave my mind. The feeling it gives me. I thrive on it.

I didn’t ‘snap’. For me it’s clear, I’m not what you call a ‘normal kid’. I have always been different and I know that. At school they make sure that I know that too. I get bullied a lot, so I mostly keep to myself. I only have one friend and don’t socialize with others very well (not at all actually). I live with my parents, and they’re still happily together. But I don’t talk much with them, don’t like them. Hate them honestly, can’t stand them. My friend, Asher, is the only one I can talk to about my killing needs. I tell him everything, he knows all of my dark secrets as I know his. He even knows the way it makes me feel when I kill an animal, he knows everything. For him it’s a different story, saw his mom get hit by a truck when he was only 5 years old. Then 6 years later his dad blows his own brains out, the whole living room was covered in blood and brain. Guess who found him when he got back from school..? Right. Asher.

Asher and I go to the same school, we met during the first year of highschool at the first day. Classmates. He is a bit strange and he’s just as much introverted as I am. He doesn’t know how to handle social experiences like being at school very well. We both are being bullied like crazy because we don’t fit in. And we’ve had enough. This one kid slammed Asher’s locker into his face so hard, he had this huge cut across his face. He walked around with 12 stitches for a long time. But we are not gonna take anymore. We are going to fight back. We are done. I have always had a sinister look upon the world, 3 years in this hellhole of a School hasn’t helped a bit. It gotten worse. I no longer feel satisfied after killing animals, I need more.. I need something bigger..

We made a pact. A pact so gruesome it would make the dead want to die again. Asher’s grandfather worked for the sherrif’s office and has a huge gun collection at the house (Asher lives with his grandfather). I have a gun collection of my own. We both made a selection of 3 firearms and a knife.

My gear:
Rossi RS22 Semi Auto Rimfire Rifle
Beretta M9
Combat knife

Asher’s gear:
Colt AR-15
Beretta M9
Glock G17 Gen5 9mm
Combat knife

So me and Asher have discussed this a lot. Made a plan for it. We’re actually gonna do it! I’m excited for it. Can’t wait for it to start. At 09:00am when School starts. We’re gonna storm in with our firearms, wearing full black without masks and no kevlar protective vest. Besides our guns we both have 2 grenades, 2 smoke grenades and a knife. This will be our last day at school and earth. And we will take down the ones that made our lives a living hell.

We’re in the car at the School’s parking lot. It’s time. 09:00am. The school bell rings, class starts. As everyone calmly walks towards their classrooms, we get out of the car and grab our gear from the trunk. We run towards the school entrance, first we slightly open the door and throw two smoke grenades inside followed by one grenade. Boom! Loud explosion. We open the door, smoke everywhere and people running scared, screaming it out. Then we see the first casualties, some students that were blown to pieces because they where in the hallway when the grenade exploded. Blood and guts and limbs everywhere, its crazy. We systematically go from classroom to classroom. Some people are shot on sight, executed and butchered. As we walk through the school, we leave a devastating path of death and destruction. But we feel supreme. Like we are above the rest. We decide who lives and who dies. It feels great. We have killed a lot of people already, but are not done yet.  We assemble a group of students and teachers in the cafetaria, they’re all scared and crying and panicking. Just like we want them to. This feeds our needs. I line them up against wall, all of them. And I let my UZI SMG rip them to shreds. Asher throws one grenade towards a group of students trying to make a run for it. It explodes right next to a girl, she got blown to pieces. Nothing left. The sound they make when they get hit is very enchanting. Just like I had the first time I killed. With that cat. My hands are shaking, I’ve never done this before. It’s all new to me, but it feels great. The adrenaline it gives and the euphoria are super intense, it’s crazy. But I like it, love it even.

I can hear the sirens getting closer, the cops and medic’s are on their way. It wont be long before they get here. Me and Asher made a pact. And we will not be taken alive. We still have 2 grenades left. When the cops enter the building, we both pull the pin and cook the grenade till it explodes.  As we stand in the cafetaria we can hear the building being surrounded by cops. They have thrown gas grenades inside. This is it. Our final breath. As the cops enter the building I scream ‘PULL THE PIN!’, followed by a loud explosion and complete silence afterwards.


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