My time will come :)

My first ever blog!


I don’t know.. Been thinking about it lately.. So here I am, writing my first ever blog. What should I write about tho? Aliens? UFO’s? Climate change? Food? Food is always a good option right? But even on this subject I have little to write, went to my parents place for dinner… We had Chinees, it was great. That’s it, how exciting haha!

The fact that I don’t even know what to write about is a reflection of my IRL situation, I don’t get out much, can’t do much cause I had a double hernia and had 2 surgeries in the past 2 years.. So I cash a social healthcare cheque every month and try to get by on a daily basis.. I often find myself lying on my couch, thinking about all sorts of things. Everything crosses the mind. From ‘apocalyptic’ thoughts to ‘should I maybe become a archaeologist?’ thoughts. Maybe I should start writing down my thoughts so I can use that for a blog?

So let me just start by telling you guys who I am. My name is Max Philippus Hoogland, I am lvl 28 and I play videogames and stream that to Twitch. So basically I’m what they call a ‘livestreamer’. I haven’t always been a ‘livestreamer’ tho, I used to play Rugby in the highest league in the Netherlands and I used to work as a Personal Trainer. But 2 years back I injured my back real bad, got a double hernia.. The first hernia they found was located at L3/L4, this is in the lower back. I had surgery on it, but after the surgery the pain came back and got worse than before. So I had another MRI-Scan done (january 2017), they found a second hernia a little lower in my back, S1/L5. The hernia was super small and they couldn’t do surgery on it because of that. So almost a year later in december 2017 I had another MRI-Scan done because the pain had gotten worse again, the hernia had grown. This time it was big enough for surgery, so they cut it out. The nerve has been under pressure a long time tho, and I still feel nerve pain from time to time now. The nerve pain caused by the hernia isn’t located in the back, i feel it in my right leg/hip/butt/foot. And it can basically radiate any sort of pain that we humans can feel.. Ok well.. enough of this.. oh wait, did I forget the 5% chance of permanent nerve damage cause of the surgery and also because the nerve has been under pressure for a year! So yeah I gotta keep that in mind too xD

I live by myself,  this sometimes is a pain in the ass if you have so much time and not much to do besides watch Netflix and play videogames. Even playing videogames is a no-go at the moment because my back can’t really take it to sit for a longer amount of time.. The last 30minutes I’ve been sitting here, typing up this blog post, and I can already feel my shin starting to burn up (it’s the nerve pain kicking in). That means I gotta stop and lay down on my couch again till the pain goes away (sometimes it doesnt go away for hours).

I often think to myself that the world isn’t fair, I’m 28 and I can barely do stuff because I’m physically not capable of doing things.. I can’t go rollerskating for example (I love rollerskating), I can never ever play Rugby again 😦 that sucks too.. I sit at home, don’t go to parties, don’t meet anyone, don’t work, nothing exciting happens in my life. But I’m only 28, I should be having the time of my life! Maybe my time will come? Only time will tell.. My time will come 🙂

– Bandit out

6 comments on “My time will come :)”

  1. Dear Max,
    I’m very surprised and impressed by your first blog. I know you all your life and I’v seen the changes in your life recently. And it isn’t fair! But Max, let me tell you, life isn’t fair, but that is how it is. And you know that I know this …. But the way you express yourself in this blog reflects the sportsman that is still inside of you. You never give up and you always find a way to grow. Oke, it won’t be rugby anymore, but what if you can grow in helping other people to keep focus and trust in themselfs? Please continue with your blog and I’m sure that it will bring you (and other people) further! X

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